We Walk for Babies!

Hey all! Just a quick check in here! In less than 24 hours me, my husband, uncle, our daughter & son will be participating in our first March of Dimes March for Babies event! We are so honored to be able to raise money and walk, not only in honor of our son, but for all babies born too early! Continue reading


Paint Night review…

Have you had a chance to join in on a paint night? Maybe you went with friends or family, how did you like it? Are you crafty or talented on your own and went? Are you not like that but went anyways? I would love to hear about your experience!!!

As you know, I finally went to my first paint night last night. Continue reading

How you doin Juno!

Hey guys! So here on Long Island we are currently bunkered down patiently awaiting this major blizzard, JUNO! my husband, myself and our daughter were all home by 3pm today, plus school and both of our jobs are closed tomorrow, so we have enjoyed ourselves a bit! If you are reading this and are also dealing with this treacherous weather, I wish you warmth and safety xo. Continue reading

DIY Tub Scrub

Ok so our tennants moved out the other day , and our new ones are leased to begin on June 1st, therefore we went in to clean everything up. The whole place was going as good as can be expected from renters dirtiness until we got to the last bathroom… ugh!!!! It literally looked like they never once cleaned the tub/shower once… SUPER YUCKY!!!! So, of course, I went to Pinterest to find a bathroom cleaner. If you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am then you know there are a few different bathroom cleaner recipes on there… so trials began (hehe). Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Part 1

Happy spring, almost summer!!! We have been working tirelessly outside for the past few weeks to get ready for summer and our annual memorial weekend BBQ. After Sandy and the horrible snow storms this winter we lost 2 sheds and about 6 trees, so needless to say it was time to revamp the outside landscaping!!! What do you think?


Continue reading

Lets warm up!!!

Well we just got bombarded with over 32 inches of snow this weekend and I needed a nice little reminder of warmer days, and I thought everyone else would appreciate it too!

This past summer my husband and I came across a LOT of paving bricks and slate pieces in our yard.  So we made a nice big pile until I could figure out exactly what I was gonna do with them.  While browsing Pinterest one day I saw a pic of a homemade fire pit with a beautiful surrounding area made with pavers and such… Bells went off!!! Continue reading

Just another family fun Sunday! With a new pallet project of course!

Ok so I know people have become utterly obsessed with pallets since Pinterest has become so huge!!! I have been using pallets for years now, but Pinterest has definitely given me some more inspiration when it come to my pallet project obsession!!!  I haven’t seen anybody do a garden with a pallet yet, and I had a few left over from the last project so… why not!!! Continue reading