Pizza Bread

As I’m sure you are aware (if you are on Facebook) there have been so many recipe/food videos posted recently. I like to watch them, but am a very picky eater so not too many really appeal to me. If one does spark my interest I will save the video! Continue reading


“Sloppy” Joe Casserole

While perusing Pinterest I came across an interesting looking dinner idea… So of course I pinned it to my “Dinner Time” board and completely forgot about it, lol! I know we are all guilty of doing the same thing more often than not. Any who, last night I was at a complete loss about dinner, and then BAM I remembered that pin. So after finding it in my board I made sure I had enough items to make it. Continue reading

Healthy… AND Tasty!?! Woohoo!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was, like most people, surrounded my friends and families for the holidays and taking lots of pictures; and eating lots of amazing food.  Well, later on when I was looking through my pics (and the ones I ended up being tagged in) I finally noticed the weight I have been slowly putting on since becoming pregnant with my daughter (back in 2007!!!) Before you ask, yes I have a scale, and every time I would get on and see the number inching up I would look at myself and just not see it.  Well I had the ah-ha moment, finally saw myself and I am DONE being this way!!!

I have begun making lifestyle changes for myself the past few days, and now need to begin eating more health conscious and actually exercising.  I’m sorry if I am boring anyone, but my follower’s emails always make me smile and feel so great about myself and I want them along for this journey with me 🙂 Continue reading

Meal Planning with Pinterest Inspiration

I love meal planning, but have to admit it takes a lot to stick to because I feel like we repeat the same meals so much and I’m bored 2 weeks in!!! So a few months ago a made a new board on Pinterest “Dinner Time”. Last weekend the hubbi and I sat down together, went through the board and planned a weeks worth of dinners (some old recipes and some new recipes)… And we actually cooked every night we planned to!!! Yay go us, lol! Continue reading

A new adventure, a new recipe!

This is my 1st ever post, in my 1st EVER blog!!!!  Hope you all enjoy this as much as we do! XoXo Continue reading