Hey hey hey!!! I’m Karen! First and foremost, I am a MOM ❤ As most people are, I am so much more than a Mom or Karen… I am also a wife, makeup artist, nerdy tech enthusiast, Apple junkie, Girl Scout Leader, DIY’er, cook, sleep lover, beach bum, traveler, money lover, family and friends obsessed, working girl!

I have worked as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics for over 10 years, and discovered my love for creativity when I stepped back in 2007 to become a mother. In order to fill my creativity need when I wasn’t working I taught myself so many different things! From making custom cakes, cookies and cupcakes, to pallet furniture and crafts and mastering new computer programs I love finding new outlets to utilize my creative side! My newest obsession has become making custom printables and such… it is very fun and fulfilling!

You will be coming along on my various journeys of recipes, Girl Scout adventures, fun printables, crafts, DIY projects and the joys of motherhood! You will gain valuable insight and honest opinions about all!

Please feel free to email me OneTalentedMom@gmail.com at anytime!!! Also, make sure to follow me here, on Facebook  and Pinterest  for all I will have to offer ❤





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