How you doin Juno!

Hey guys! So here on Long Island we are currently bunkered down patiently awaiting this major blizzard, JUNO! my husband, myself and our daughter were all home by 3pm today, plus school and both of our jobs are closed tomorrow, so we have enjoyed ourselves a bit! If you are reading this and are also dealing with this treacherous weather, I wish you warmth and safety xo.

We happen to have a cat, Nala, who lives outside. I have brought her inside multiple times already today, but she is a very stubborn cat and seriously just wants to be outside! I started to get super worried with these predicted 20-30inches of snow coming.  So off to Pinterest land I went to find a way to make her a shelter!  Came across this gem  and thought I had everything to make it, nope :-(! Decided to improvise… got a large cardboard box and an old postal crate we had laying around.  Then some newspaper, duct tape, rabbit bedding, and bubble wrap.  (BTW, please pardon me for not taking pics of every step, but it was more important to get Nala’s shelter completed as fast and efficiently as possible!)

Step 1: Wrapped entire postal crate with 3 layers of bubble wrap. then cut a flap hole for easy access.
Step 2: Put down a layer of the rabbit bedding on the bottom of the large box for added insulation and comfort. Then added 2 styrofoam egg cartons and placed the postal box on that.
Step 3: Marked where the entrance flap was and cut that out of the cardboard.  Then i took the remainder of the bedding and some newspapers (balled up tightly) and packed it very well around the sides and the top of the box. Then securely taped the box flaps closed, as well as all edges that could be opened to the elements.
Step 4: Bubble wrap the ENTIRE box, several times over! Secured all the edges of the entrance flap so no snow could possibly get into the box and make it wet or cold. Taped up every edge of the bubble wrap to make sure it was water and snow resistant.
Step 5: Added an old, plush, warm bath mat and towels. Some cat food to entice her in and DONE!

Just went outside to give her some more food and double check that everything is A-OK… see for yourselves (yes thats my dog checking on Nala too)IMG_8808 IMG_8805 IMG_8807

We placed it right outside our front door (where she INSISTS on always being), against our porch bench and put our outside table against the other side so that 3 of the 4 sides are a bit more secured from the elements too.  I was petting my sweet girl and she is very warm already, and so is the entire interior. SCORE!!! Happy Blizzard all 🙂



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