“American Girl in Paris” Birthday

As much as this is a quick post, it is also multi-leveled… stay with me!

For starters, my daughter is turning “7” (quotes there because she is a leap year baby) this coming weekend.  I don’t know about any other children, but my child doesn’t ever chose a simple theme for her birthdays (and we do this 2x a year due to her special birthday; a family party in the winter since my house is definitely to big enough for her entire class. She also gets her friend birthday party at the end of August (her 1/2 birthday)! Before you think I’m crazy, let me explain better… the winters here are cold and filled with snow, so it’s either have the kids in my house, which would never work, or rent/host the party somewhere and that is always $600+!  We have a large property and she is able to invite her entire class during her 1/2 birthday and they all stay outside; WIN WIN!

Last year’s family party theme was Paris, yes a 6 yr old chose Paris! And her friend party theme was a “Frozen” summer. She has also been requesting to have an American Girl Party since she was about 3 or 4. With the release of AG’s new Girl of the Year, Grace-Thomas from Paris, she decided that her 2 favorite things could be combined, Paris and American Girl!

So with that being said, I sat on Pinterest for a LOOOONG time) looking at all the different invitations, party theme inspiration and etc that goes into a party. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the choices. The ones I did like would cost me at least $5.00 just for the personalized file.

Long story short, I usually make my own fun invites and printable via Paint, but have been bugging the hubby to get me a better program (one that i can put on my MacBook and iMac). He surprised me the other day with Adobe Photoshop… WOOHOO *happy dance*.  Slight problem though, I have never used this program and the look of it was very overwhelming! Step in hubby… he went to college for graphic design (and no he does not work in that profession) so he gave me a few (literally maybe 3 or 4) quick tips then I shooed him away to start clicking and figuring it out on my own!

I know the Girl Scout Cookie form was very popular and knew you would want to see what I needed up with… well:

Paris AG invite

I took a photo of her new Grace-Thomas doll and one of the Eiffel Tower she has framed and viola! What do you think?!?

FYI we do not print invitations as to watch our paper use with the environment, I am able to save this as a picture, and email it to people and/or myself to open on my phone and send via text.

Our family who received this could not believe I had made this myself; even I am surprised and super excited that I did.  I have had a few friends ask me to make them invitations for their upcoming events.

OK here comes the multi-layered; would you pay for this file (customized for your child/event)? Would you be interested in a FREE personalized and customized invitation file for an event? I will choose 3 winners to receive a free invitation.

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Healthy… AND Tasty!?! Woohoo!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was, like most people, surrounded my friends and families for the holidays and taking lots of pictures; and eating lots of amazing food.  Well, later on when I was looking through my pics (and the ones I ended up being tagged in) I finally noticed the weight I have been slowly putting on since becoming pregnant with my daughter (back in 2007!!!) Before you ask, yes I have a scale, and every time I would get on and see the number inching up I would look at myself and just not see it.  Well I had the ah-ha moment, finally saw myself and I am DONE being this way!!!

I have begun making lifestyle changes for myself the past few days, and now need to begin eating more health conscious and actually exercising.  I’m sorry if I am boring anyone, but my follower’s emails always make me smile and feel so great about myself and I want them along for this journey with me :-)

I have a board on Pinterest (it’s a secret board though) with a ton of exercise ideas for me to do in the comfort of my house, and now to get to better food choices.

How many times have you found yourself browsing your favorite website or cookbook and wishing that healthy recipe was tasty or vise-versa? Personally, too many times to count.  Usually for me though the problem is finding something that I will actually eat; I’m such a picky eater!

Let’s see… healthy food is always fish (yucky), nuts (eew), veggies (I only like some), fruit (YUM!), and chicken (YUM)?  So if I could I would seriously live on fruit, but not a possibility :-(

Well, that was about to change! I grabbed some chicken breasts from the freezer and threw them into the microwave to defrost while I raided the rest of my cabinets to spice them up, without adding too much crap.  I tried a few different things but ended up with this:

5 sm-med sized chicken breasts
1 cup lemon juice
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs adobo seasoning

Combine all ingredients into a sauce pan and whisk together until blended. Then bring to a boil on medium heat.

While heating, take your thawed chicken and, with a meat tenderer hammer, beat the chicken until no more than 1/4 inch thick.

Boil thinned chicken breasts on each side until cooked through. Eat and enjoy! Here’s the finished product:


These taste so delicious!!!! If any of my friends can tell me if these really are healthy, that would be great, because these are my lunch every day now lol!  If you try these, PLEASE let me know your thoughts!!!!!

How you doin Juno!

Hey guys! So here on Long Island we are currently bunkered down patiently awaiting this major blizzard, JUNO! my husband, myself and our daughter were all home by 3pm today, plus school and both of our jobs are closed tomorrow, so we have enjoyed ourselves a bit! If you are reading this and are also dealing with this treacherous weather, I wish you warmth and safety xo.

We happen to have a cat, Nala, who lives outside. I have brought her inside multiple times already today, but she is a very stubborn cat and seriously just wants to be outside! I started to get super worried with these predicted 20-30inches of snow coming.  So off to Pinterest land I went to find a way to make her a shelter!  Came across this gem  and thought I had everything to make it, nope :-(! Decided to improvise… got a large cardboard box and an old postal crate we had laying around.  Then some newspaper, duct tape, rabbit bedding, and bubble wrap.  (BTW, please pardon me for not taking pics of every step, but it was more important to get Nala’s shelter completed as fast and efficiently as possible!)

Step 1: Wrapped entire postal crate with 3 layers of bubble wrap. then cut a flap hole for easy access.
Step 2: Put down a layer of the rabbit bedding on the bottom of the large box for added insulation and comfort. Then added 2 styrofoam egg cartons and placed the postal box on that.
Step 3: Marked where the entrance flap was and cut that out of the cardboard.  Then i took the remainder of the bedding and some newspapers (balled up tightly) and packed it very well around the sides and the top of the box. Then securely taped the box flaps closed, as well as all edges that could be opened to the elements.
Step 4: Bubble wrap the ENTIRE box, several times over! Secured all the edges of the entrance flap so no snow could possibly get into the box and make it wet or cold. Taped up every edge of the bubble wrap to make sure it was water and snow resistant.
Step 5: Added an old, plush, warm bath mat and towels. Some cat food to entice her in and DONE!

Just went outside to give her some more food and double check that everything is A-OK… see for yourselves (yes thats my dog checking on Nala too)IMG_8808 IMG_8805 IMG_8807

We placed it right outside our front door (where she INSISTS on always being), against our porch bench and put our outside table against the other side so that 3 of the 4 sides are a bit more secured from the elements too.  I was petting my sweet girl and she is very warm already, and so is the entire interior. SCORE!!! Happy Blizzard all :-)


2015 Personalized Girl Scout Cookie Order Form

Since my template for the GS Cookie order form was so popular, and this year the cookies are a bit different, I have made an updated one.  This was done rather quickly today, hope you love it!

2015 Cookie Order 2


Please subscribe for a free template to use for your favorite Girl Scout!


*1/26/2015 update: the free template will be available for a limited time due to cookie pre-orders due soon! xo

Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!

Ok… so like I told you last week, my daughter began her educational road by starting kindergarten back in September.  She also joined the local girl scouts and became a Daisy!  As you also know, I am the leader of her troop (which has been sooo much fun for me!!!) and therefore organize everything.

Well, I am sure many of you parents are doing what we are right about now… PRE-SELLING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!  With my Alexia being an only child, as well as the only grandchild on BOTH sides, she has a lot of adult help selling those yummy boxes!!!  My SIL brought one of the order forms to her job in the city, and it was soon filled up and she was in need of a new one!  At my job there are just too many people that I do not know yet (c’mon I only started at the very end of September!) plus the building is HUGE!!!

So… that brings me to this weeks post… I wanted a personalized order form so  1. we knew who the orders belonged to easily once we get the orders in to fill and 2. for the people who are buying from Alexia to be able to see her beautiful face if she was not around.  A quick Google search brought up many different ones… but I ended up going to HERE and downloading this form.

Just so you guys know… I have played with Photoshop a little bit in the past but DO NOT get it at all lol!!!  So into paint I went (hahahaha)  and here is the end result: Alexia's gs order form

Sooo… thoughts, comments?!?  Please feel free to use the template with your own info and pic!!!

Welcome 2014

So, not gonna lie… but TOTALLY forgot about my blog!!!  2013 brought so many ups and downs that life got in the way, yet again!  I have received such positive feedback that I made it my New Years Resolution to post 1x/week… wish me luck!!!!  I even set up some cool gadgets to keep me on schedule!

Lets recap my past year quickly so we can keep on moving forward…
I had prob one of the most AMAZING summers of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!  My daughter, Alexia, started Kindergarten and then chose to join her local Daisy Girl Scout troop (which, of course, I am the leader of… would you really expect anything less?!?!)  My parents and brothers chose to move from NY to FL… which has been extremely hard on us, especially Alexia!  They moved at the end of September and we just returned from our 2nd trip there!  Oh and the biggest news of all… I GOT A JOB!!!!  Part time, and PERFECT!!!  My boss is wonderful and I am able to be home every day to get Alexia on AND off her bus, plus every Friday off to lead her troop meetings and such!!!

Those were the big things that really got in the way of my time… but no more!!!

So, with that being said… are any of my lovely followers into girl scouts?  I will be starting to add some posts on that as well since I have really enjoyed it so much!!!  Considering some travel posts, def more DIY and recipes, gonna tap into a bit of budgeting and a few other topics that have caught my attention recently!  Are there any specific topics you would like to read more about!?!

Also… am most DEFINITELY going to be adding some beauty advice.  Since I have been a professional makeup artist for 12+ years, I thought YEA I NEED TO DO THAT!!!  How many of you would like professional advice etc or general???

As you can probably notice, I always respond to comments, and will always continue to do so; so PLEASE give me your opinions and ideas!!!

Looking forward to this new year and all the wonderful new opportunities we will share together!!!




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DIY Tub Scrub

Ok so our tennants moved out the other day , and our new ones are leased to begin on June 1st, therefore we went in to clean everything up. The whole place was going as good as can be expected from renters dirtiness until we got to the last bathroom… ugh!!!! It literally looked like they never once cleaned the tub/shower once… SUPER YUCKY!!!! So, of course, I went to Pinterest to find a bathroom cleaner. If you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am then you know there are a few different bathroom cleaner recipes on there… so trials began (hehe).

The first one we tried was THIS, and after 3 different attempts did nothing great, plus the smell was HORRIBLE!!! I literally had to open every single window, put on a fan, and leave for like an hour or I would’ve passed out! IDK maybe I made it wrong somehow, but anyways did not pass!

Number 2 looked more promising since the dirt looking like it would need something more abrasive to get out and the baking soda would def do just that!) Only problem was the I had run out of the blue dawn trying the first one out. Still had my trusty Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal for scrubbing dishes… Nothing to lose, right? Well let me tell you… WINNER!!! I barely had to use elbow grease to get the ickyness away (there’s a technical term for ya lol). Here’s the pic and below you will find my recipe for it (yes, you know I modified it a tad)!



Tub Scrub

1/2 cup baking soda
3/4 cup Dawn Dish Soap with Olay Hand Renewal
Dish Gloves
Scrub Brush

Mix the baking soda and Dawn in a bowl.  Take some in your gloved hands and smear all over, then go back and in circular motions lightly scrub.  Rinse with water until no more residue appears.  Love your clean bath!

(Also used this on the glass shower door and it took every speck of water buildup and grossness off!!!!)