We Walk for Babies!

Hey all! Just a quick check in here! In less than 24 hours me, my husband, uncle, our daughter & son will be participating in our first March of Dimes March for Babies event! We are so honored to be able to raise money and walk, not only in honor of our son, but for all babies born too early! Continue reading


2017, hey it’s a new year post in March!

“When you go through the hardest of times, the people that come to your aide are the ones that you will carry with you forever. The people that don’t, no matter how close you perceived them to be, should not be part of your inner circle. Pain and hardships help highlight who is, who has, and who will always be there for you throughout the roller coaster of life.” -Chris Hough

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Its been Complicated…

So, first and foremost I would like to apologize for being MIA for a while now. Its been a long, and complicated pregnancy for the past 16 weeks or so. Here’s what has been happening. If you or anyone you know has dealt with anything similar, please let me know! Also, if you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask!!! Continue reading

Printables and more! GIVEAWAY

Have been working on building up my portfolios of printables, invitations and such to be able to open my online store! Need to get some more customized designs and such, so wanted to offer a nice freebie to my followers first! Continue reading

1/2 Way there!!!

When we were pregnant with our amazing Alexia in 2007/2008 we did things much differently than we are this time around! For instance, we announced our pregnancy around 8 weeks (I believe), and this time we waited till we were about 15/16 weeks. I have to say that it really was so nice to keep it a secret a bit longer this time around. It made it feel that much more special for the 3 of us! Continue reading


Hey guys! This is going to be a very fast post, sorry! Last month when I was giving away the free GS Cookie Order form, in the email I sent I mentioned to keep your eye open for a fun & exciting announcement this month… well here ya go Continue reading

Pizza Bread

As I’m sure you are aware (if you are on Facebook) there have been so many recipe/food videos posted recently. I like to watch them, but am a very picky eater so not too many really appeal to me. If one does spark my interest I will save the video! Continue reading