DIY Tub Scrub

Ok so our tennants moved out the other day , and our new ones are leased to begin on June 1st, therefore we went in to clean everything up. The whole place was going as good as can be expected from renters dirtiness until we got to the last bathroom… ugh!!!! It literally looked like they never once cleaned the tub/shower once… SUPER YUCKY!!!! So, of course, I went to Pinterest to find a bathroom cleaner. If you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am then you know there are a few different bathroom cleaner recipes on there… so trials began (hehe).

The first one we tried was THIS, and after 3 different attempts did nothing great, plus the smell was HORRIBLE!!! I literally had to open every single window, put on a fan, and leave for like an hour or I would’ve passed out! IDK maybe I made it wrong somehow, but anyways did not pass!

Number 2 looked more promising since the dirt looking like it would need something more abrasive to get out and the baking soda would def do just that!) Only problem was the I had run out of the blue dawn trying the first one out. Still had my trusty Dawn with Olay Hand Renewal for scrubbing dishes… Nothing to lose, right? Well let me tell you… WINNER!!! I barely had to use elbow grease to get the ickyness away (there’s a technical term for ya lol). Here’s the pic and below you will find my recipe for it (yes, you know I modified it a tad)!



Tub Scrub

1/2 cup baking soda
3/4 cup Dawn Dish Soap with Olay Hand Renewal
Dish Gloves
Scrub Brush

Mix the baking soda and Dawn in a bowl.  Take some in your gloved hands and smear all over, then go back and in circular motions lightly scrub.  Rinse with water until no more residue appears.  Love your clean bath!

(Also used this on the glass shower door and it took every speck of water buildup and grossness off!!!!)



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