Paint Night review…

Have you had a chance to join in on a paint night? Maybe you went with friends or family, how did you like it? Are you crafty or talented on your own and went? Are you not like that but went anyways? I would love to hear about your experience!!!

As you know, I finally went to my first paint night last night. I went with one of my best friends and met some of her family there. The event cost $45 +alcohol if you chose… Which we did lol! I see paint night on Groupon a lot but for this particular event Groupons were not accepted, as it was a fundraiser for a little boy with leukemia. I was very pleased not only with the entire event but with the fact of doing something to hopefully help this little boy in some way.

As I had found out later in the evening,the particular painting we were doing was more advanced then most returners had done at other events.

This was the instructor’s model. I took the picture as a reference and sent it to my husband asking him to wish me luck!

I have to say, with the step by step instructions and guidance/help they give you it was much easier than I had anticipated. My favorite part was the music constantly playing in the background (which was louder after instructions were given for the next step) and I thoroughly enjoyed “waving” my canvas around to help the drying, while dancing of course!

Remember, I have not been to one of these before and I have only painted the occasional craft bird house, plaster pieces and stocking so my experience was lacking to say the least. With that being said, I have to say I am extremely happy with my painting, but how bout you let me know your thoughts?




Have to say I seriously cannot wait to do another one!!! I’m looking into putting one together for all my Girl Scout moms. I think it will be such a fun night! Here’s hoping they agree 👍



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