2017, hey it’s a new year post in March!

“When you go through the hardest of times, the people that come to your aide are the ones that you will carry with you forever. The people that don’t, no matter how close you perceived them to be, should not be part of your inner circle. Pain and hardships help highlight who is, who has, and who will always be there for you throughout the roller coaster of life.” -Chris Hough

2016 was a whirlwind of a year for my family and I. During the difficult parts I came across many quotes (without seeking them out) about true friends and family and being there during the hard times, but the quote above kept coming up and stuck with me the most. Sadly, it’s true that during life’s hard times you will know, without a doubt, who truly loves and cares for you and/or your family. This post has taken me a while to write, sorry for the wait!

Before I go any further, I have to explain something else… when I chose to start One Talented Mom I never told any of my friends and family, I wanted something that was just mine. I did, however, tell one of my best friends a year or so later. That friend happens to be the one who proved her lack of friendship to me, so going forward I am unsure exactly how much I will be sharing about my family. I would rather her not know anything about our lives any longer and I do know she is a reader here, so I apologize!

I have received many emails in regards to how everything went since my last post back in June. Well, that last one was posted on June 2 and I ended up having my son 5 days later. I had been hospitalized because with everything going on we were walking a fine line of keeping Jaxon in for as long as possible but getting him out as fast as possible, because that time would, indeed come!

As you are aware the scans from that day had shown improvement, but that was unfortunately temporary. I had a few scans done after that day and during my scan on Monday, June 6 the issues seemed to be back, but worse. My Drs came into the room and explained that the moment was coming they had anticipated and that I was scheduled for a c-section for 1pm the next day. My amazing mother in law had, thankfully, flown up from Florida the night before. I called my husband, hysterically crying, and we started to prepare ourselves for the unknown coming. I had him sleep at the hospital with me that night, not that I was able to get any sleep! During my 6am NST, Jaxon’s heart rate was dropping into the 80’s (normal for babies in the womb is between 110-160). Everyone rushed in and started preparing me to get him out ASAP! That fine line we were walking was starting to shatter. Jaxon Thomas was born at 9:37am on June 7, 2016. Our little man weighed in at 1lb 15oz and measured 13.8 inches long.

I am so grateful for the amazing team of doctors I had that were able to spot all my issues and keep us both as healthy as they could! I delivered at exactly 32 weeks gestation, but Jaxon measured the same as a 26 week sized baby. Due to the hospitalization I had been able to get steroid shots about 1.5 weeks before Jax’s arrival, which helped develop his lungs and many other things. Our little guy may have been small, but he sure was MIGHTY! He was breathing on his own and, other than a few other medical things, was completely healthy! He had to learn how to eat (suck, swallow, breathe reflex) and gain weight in order to come home. After 45 days, our family was able to end our NICU stay and bring our son home!

We have had a few hurdles to overcome since then, including 2 surgeries (and a few more to go).  Jaxon is currently wearing a helmet due to one of the surgeries. He also receives PT 1x per week through Early Intervention. He is now 9 months actual (7 months adjusted) and has completed our family!

I wouldn’t have made it through the good or bad times without the help and support we received from those real people in our lives. As for the ones we lost along the way, well I will wish them luck in their lives and always remember the memories we did make together in the past, but they are no longer a part of our story, for good reason!

So here’s to some new adventures, not just for my family and I, but for One Talented Mom! Stay tuned my loves



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