Lets warm up!!!

Well we just got bombarded with over 32 inches of snow this weekend and I needed a nice little reminder of warmer days, and I thought everyone else would appreciate it too!

This past summer my husband and I came across a LOT of paving bricks and slate pieces in our yard.  So we made a nice big pile until I could figure out exactly what I was gonna do with them.  While browsing Pinterest one day I saw a pic of a homemade fire pit with a beautiful surrounding area made with pavers and such… Bells went off!!!

I clearer the area I wanted our pit to be and used our existing portable fit pit as inspiration… and here’s what we got!

IMG_1650 I snapped this pic right after we finished and hosed the area down, that’s why all the wetness!!!  I used the old swing that was not even being used anymore and that little white wrought iron and glass side table.  That large bench… 4 PALLETS!!! My dearest hubby and his BFF have been hoarding any and all pallets they come across for me.  The base was made of 2 pallets that were used to ship a friend’s toolbox and then I took 2 regular sized pallets, measured and cut them to fit as the back board then nailed into place.  The cushions are just 4 chair cushions i got for free off Craigslist

I used the fit pit piece from our portable fire pit and put it inside the bricks, so it would be easier to clean out when needed. (and supposedly wood ash is great in gardening… thats a project come spring time).

This project took me about 2 weeks in all and my hubby only helped move the 4 corner HUGE slate pieces… because I couldn’t do it myself!  I know this area will be done more come springtime, but for now I love our new little hang out area and hope it inspires you too!



2 thoughts on “Lets warm up!!!

  1. marilyn meissner says:

    Nice job, I did something smilar,and am waiting for the snow here in Wisconsin to melt,am working on a walk way that goes into to a flower garden,hubby made a path threw that last summer with river stone,I planted 20 hostas and12 daylillys on the path, can’t wait to se how it looks this summer?


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