Spring Cleaning Part 1

Happy spring, almost summer!!! We have been working tirelessly outside for the past few weeks to get ready for summer and our annual memorial weekend BBQ. After Sandy and the horrible snow storms this winter we lost 2 sheds and about 6 trees, so needless to say it was time to revamp the outside landscaping!!! What do you think?


We took down the 3 trees over growing the front of the house, re-slated, filled with dirt and new flowers (3 azalea bushes, 10 creeping phlox, and 2 large planters filled with different colorful bulbs), did a layer of overlapping wet newspaper (to prevent weeds!), then finished with some black mulch to pop all the new colors!!!

It was a lot of work, but so satisfying!!! I’m very happy with the end result! We have some more to do, that’s why this is part 1… So stay tuned!!!!


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Part 1

    • OneTalentedMom says:

      Oh, thank you so much!!! it was a lot of work, but as I’m sure you know, landscaping work is like instant gratification!!! love using my time and the ending result always makes me smile 🙂 post a pic of your before and after… maybe we can inspire one another 🙂 hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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