DIY Tub Scrub

Ok so our tennants moved out the other day , and our new ones are leased to begin on June 1st, therefore we went in to clean everything up. The whole place was going as good as can be expected from renters dirtiness until we got to the last bathroom… ugh!!!! It literally looked like they never once cleaned the tub/shower once… SUPER YUCKY!!!! So, of course, I went to Pinterest to find a bathroom cleaner. If you are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am then you know there are a few different bathroom cleaner recipes on there… so trials began (hehe). Continue reading


Spring Cleaning Part 1

Happy spring, almost summer!!! We have been working tirelessly outside for the past few weeks to get ready for summer and our annual memorial weekend BBQ. After Sandy and the horrible snow storms this winter we lost 2 sheds and about 6 trees, so needless to say it was time to revamp the outside landscaping!!! What do you think?


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