Healthy… AND Tasty!?! Woohoo!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was, like most people, surrounded my friends and families for the holidays and taking lots of pictures; and eating lots of amazing food.  Well, later on when I was looking through my pics (and the ones I ended up being tagged in) I finally noticed the weight I have been slowly putting on since becoming pregnant with my daughter (back in 2007!!!) Before you ask, yes I have a scale, and every time I would get on and see the number inching up I would look at myself and just not see it.  Well I had the ah-ha moment, finally saw myself and I am DONE being this way!!!

I have begun making lifestyle changes for myself the past few days, and now need to begin eating more health conscious and actually exercising.  I’m sorry if I am boring anyone, but my follower’s emails always make me smile and feel so great about myself and I want them along for this journey with me 🙂 Continue reading


How you doin Juno!

Hey guys! So here on Long Island we are currently bunkered down patiently awaiting this major blizzard, JUNO! my husband, myself and our daughter were all home by 3pm today, plus school and both of our jobs are closed tomorrow, so we have enjoyed ourselves a bit! If you are reading this and are also dealing with this treacherous weather, I wish you warmth and safety xo. Continue reading

2015 Personalized Girl Scout Cookie Order Form

Since my template for the GS Cookie order form was so popular, and this year the cookies are a bit different, I have made an updated one.  This was done rather quickly today, hope you love it! Continue reading