1/2 Way there!!!

When we were pregnant with our amazing Alexia in 2007/2008 we did things much differently than we are this time around! For instance, we announced our pregnancy around 8 weeks (I believe), and this time we waited till we were about 15/16 weeks. I have to say that it really was so nice to keep it a secret a bit longer this time around. It made it feel that much more special for the 3 of us!Now that I am 20 weeks and 1/2 way through my 2nd pregnancy I wanted to discuss. I always read and/or heard that every pregnancy is different, you show earlier with each additional pregnancy, you feel kicks and other symptoms earlier with each pregnancy as well. Well… this pregnancy has been almost identical to my first. The differences I have encountered were: got to start with heartburn in 1st trimester, as opposed the 3rd with Lexi, I was sick literally every day during my 1st pregnancy, and while that is the same this time I also got the joy of having to have a complete aversion to beef my entire 1st trimester, as well as every 2-3 days I could literally keep nothing down! I felt quickening at 18 weeks last time and this time I have an anterior placenta (it is on the front of my uterus, which makes feeling baby’s movements harder to detect until they are bigger and stronger). Oh and I am showing exactly the same as I did with my daughter!!! Oh and this time around I am getting to enjoy round ligament pain!!!

So with all of that being said, I must point out that I am seriously LOVING every, single aspect of this pregnancy and really trying my best to enjoy each moment and take it all in because this is more than likely our last baby! We had a scare a few weeks ago (that is for another post) in regards to test results and such. and next Friday we have to have a 2D echo done on Jaxon’s heart, because Alexia was born with a heart murmur, so the echo is to see how his heart is developing and make sure all is a-ok.

I am also very lucky, honored and excited to be the Matron-of-Honor in my best friend’s wedding August 19 (and Alexia is one of the flower girls)! To be honest, I m also a little overwhelmed since I am due August 2, but I know it will all work out flawlessly! She has chosen an amazing group of women for her bridal party, and we will all be working together to make sure everything goes smooth for our dear friend!

I am so eager to begin planning all the fun events and such for my friend and to start getting everything ready for Jax’s arrival! Also, the nesting has begun, so watch out for some seriously awesome organization and decorating things coming your way soon 🙂 If you have any good advice or ideas to share please comment and don’t forget to share, like and follow ❤



20 weeks pregnant


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