“American Girl in Paris” Birthday

As much as this is a quick post, it is also multi-leveled… stay with me!

For starters, my daughter is turning “7” (quotes there because she is a leap year baby) this coming weekend.  I don’t know about any other children, but my child doesn’t ever chose a simple theme for her birthdays (and we do this 2x a year due to her special birthday; a family party in the winter since my house is definitely to big enough for her entire class. She also gets her friend birthday party at the end of August (her 1/2 birthday)! Before you think I’m crazy, let me explain better… the winters here are cold and filled with snow, so it’s either have the kids in my house, which would never work, or rent/host the party somewhere and that is always $600+!  We have a large property and she is able to invite her entire class during her 1/2 birthday and they all stay outside; WIN WIN!

Last year’s family party theme was Paris, yes a 6 yr old chose Paris! And her friend party theme was a “Frozen” summer. She has also been requesting to have an American Girl Party since she was about 3 or 4. With the release of AG’s new Girl of the Year, Grace-Thomas from Paris, she decided that her 2 favorite things could be combined, Paris and American Girl!

So with that being said, I sat on Pinterest for a LOOOONG time) looking at all the different invitations, party theme inspiration and etc that goes into a party. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the choices. The ones I did like would cost me at least $5.00 just for the personalized file.

Long story short, I usually make my own fun invites and printable via Paint, but have been bugging the hubby to get me a better program (one that i can put on my MacBook and iMac). He surprised me the other day with Adobe Photoshop… WOOHOO *happy dance*.  Slight problem though, I have never used this program and the look of it was very overwhelming! Step in hubby… he went to college for graphic design (and no he does not work in that profession) so he gave me a few (literally maybe 3 or 4) quick tips then I shooed him away to start clicking and figuring it out on my own!

I know the Girl Scout Cookie form was very popular and knew you would want to see what I needed up with… well:

Paris AG invite

I took a photo of her new Grace-Thomas doll and one of the Eiffel Tower she has framed and viola! What do you think?!?

FYI we do not print invitations as to watch our paper use with the environment, I am able to save this as a picture, and email it to people and/or myself to open on my phone and send via text.

Our family who received this could not believe I had made this myself; even I am surprised and super excited that I did.  I have had a few friends ask me to make them invitations for their upcoming events.

OK here comes the multi-layered; would you pay for this file (customized for your child/event)? Would you be interested in a FREE personalized and customized invitation file for an event? I will choose 3 winners to receive a free invitation.

*To be entered to receive on of the 3  free invitations, you must be a follower of One Talented Mom, either comment or like this post and VOTE!!!


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