Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!

Ok… so like I told you last week, my daughter began her educational road by starting kindergarten back in September.  She also joined the local girl scouts and became a Daisy!  As you also know, I am the leader of her troop (which has been sooo much fun for me!!!) and therefore organize everything.

Well, I am sure many of you parents are doing what we are right about now… PRE-SELLING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!  With my Alexia being an only child, as well as the only grandchild on BOTH sides, she has a lot of adult help selling those yummy boxes!!!  My SIL brought one of the order forms to her job in the city, and it was soon filled up and she was in need of a new one!  At my job there are just too many people that I do not know yet (c’mon I only started at the very end of September!) plus the building is HUGE!!!

So… that brings me to this weeks post… I wanted a personalized order form so  1. we knew who the orders belonged to easily once we get the orders in to fill and 2. for the people who are buying from Alexia to be able to see her beautiful face if she was not around.  A quick Google search brought up many different ones… but I ended up going to HERE and downloading this form.

Just so you guys know… I have played with Photoshop a little bit in the past but DO NOT get it at all lol!!!  So into paint I went (hahahaha)  and here is the end result: Alexia's gs order form

Sooo… thoughts, comments?!?  Please feel free to use the template with your own info and pic!!!


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